Another notch for Scott Walker

The Supreme Court today refused to accept for review a case challenging the Wisconsin Voter I.D. law.

The case, Frank v. Walker, was on a long list of cases as to which petitions for certiorari were denied without explanation.

Supreme Court Wisconsin Voter ID Cert Denied

In early October, 2014, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Voter I.D. law, as we reported at the time:

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Wisconsin’s new voter ID laws are constitutional, meaning that those heading to the polls in November will need to show ID before casting a vote….

Last month, the same panel of the 7th Circuit issued a short Order vacating the district court injunction staying enforcement of the law, and instead held that the voter ID laws would indeed be in effect for this November’s election. The court indicated that a full decision on the merits would be forthcoming.

Progressive activists in Wisconsin and across the country had a meltdown following the ruling

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