By this time next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will have likely done us a huge favor as a movement and as a country.

Now make no mistake, though, that will not be the court’s intention. Their intention will be to unleash the full fury and onslaught of the Rainbow Jihad—all in the name of being on the “right side of history,” of course.

By the way, how is it “the right side of history” to bring back an immorality that Western Civilization had the prudence to reject long before it got around to rejecting barbaric slavery? Doesn’t going back to what we already evolved away from actually make you a regressive?

But I digress.

The most awesome thing about being under the jurisdiction of an all-powerful, sovereign God is He can take what man meant for evil and use it for good. So despite its attempt to play god and magically think it has the power to redefine an institution that predates it by about six thousand years, the U.S. Supreme Court is about to be used as a mighty winnowing fork in the hands of a holy Creator.

And I say that knowing there will soon be many more believers like the Odgaards (whose targeting by the Rainbow Jihad I wrote about here earlier this week) who are made to suffer as coercive government further anoints the Secular Inquisition. However, the history of the church, as well as every other righteous movement of mankind, tells us they’re at their best when faced with the most direct and pervasive persecution.

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