I hate to blog too much about Washington, D.C. issues. I don’t do it out of an unhealthy attachment to the Beltway but because the city serves as such a useful illustration of liberal policies and their follies every single day. The city council passed a “living wage” bill this week that targets billion-dollar retailers with over 75,000 square feet, thereby exempting liberal-approved companies like Starbucks and Apple. It also includes a specific carve-out for union shops. The new law would require a segment of retailers that sounds suspiciously like “retailers that are Wal-Mart” to pay a minimum wage to employees of $12.50 an hour. Washington, D.C.’s current minimum wage law requires $8.25 an hour. Wal-Mart responded to this law by saying, “thanks, but no thanks” on plans for three new stores.

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