Go figure, right? We all just KNEW that privatizing a bunch of government-run hospitals for poor people would explode the budget. Because that’s happened…never.

Louisiana spent $52 million less than was budgeted for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s privatization deals for the LSU hospitals that provide care to the uninsured in the recently ended fiscal year, according to data provided by the state health department.

Jindal’s health secretary, Kathy Kliebert, said the hospital’s new managers are improving care while also running more efficient operations.

“We feel really comfortable that they are managing their budgets, that their new cost structures that they’re setting in place are working, and at the same time we’re getting really good quality care,” Kliebert said in an interview.

What you’ll hear from the other side, including Sen. Sherri Buffington (R-Shreveport) who’s so conservative that she wanted to conserve the government hospital in Shreveport as it was before the evil Bobby Jindal leased it to the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana, is that the savings came on the backs of The Poor. More specifically, that when LSU was ramping down its operations in preparation for the transfer of the hospitals all the uninsured patients the state was paying for twice (the state picks up the tab for indigent health care, plus it was paying for the brick-and-mortar costs of the charity hospitals) were going to other private hospitals for care and those hospitals aren’t getting reimbursed.

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