Many people that I talk to concerning Obamacare have been satisfied by Ryan’s replacement bill. And I am shocked that the same people that were anti-Obamacare are pro-Ryancare. The reason that I am surprised is that I had begun to hope for Americans.

I thought that with the surprising victory of Trump, the American people had finally awoken to the fact that the Dems and GOP were playing for the same side. Big money, socialists were in power, and even though I am not crazy about Trump, he is better than having an establishment man/woman in power.

But, here we are two months into the “populous era, ” and we still are facing the same socialist mush about healthcare. The world is coming to an end if everyone has to pay for their healthcare.

They are so quickly backing out of their promise to repeal. But are you surprised? They could have done this with Obama in power. But instead, the GOP did nothing but make promises.

Why? Because they never thought there would be a day that the American people would give them the power that they need to get the repeal done.

Now, they will likely see their own party go the way of the Wigs if they continue to go in the direction they are heading. This is almost unavoidable because everyone can see what they are trying to do.

Noah Wall said it plainly on Breitbart Radio yesterday

Expressing disappointment at years of promises from Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare only to now produce a bill that falls short of that, Wall said, “I’m deeply disappointed. Republicans in 2015 voted to pretty much fully repeal Obamacare. And I don’t understand why they couldn’t.”

Citing years of Obamacare GOP repeal votes, Wall continued, “They voted for this [repeal] when they knew it had no chance of actually getting signed into law. All of a sudden, we get a chance to get this signed into law, and they back down.”

Concluded Wall, “It’s, unfortunately, very typical of Republican leadership, but we need to hold them to a higher standard.”

No Mr. Wall, we need to call them out and shut them down. If they are not going to do what we sent them to do, we should send them home.