Well how about fabricator, fabulist, fibber, prevaricator, storyteller?

During a television appearance on Sunday National Security Advisor Susan Rice said that Pfc. (Sgt.) Bowe Bergdahl had served his country with “honor and distinction.” On Friday, CNN’s Jim Acosta called her out, hinting that she’s either a White House parrot or an outright liar.

“I realize there has been lots of discussion and controversy around this,” Rice said when asked to clarify her “honor and distinction” remarks. “But what I was referring to was the fact that this was a young man who volunteered to serve his country in uniform at a time of war. That, in and of itself, is a very honorable thing.”

Many Americans—and soldiers who served alongside Bergdahl— have raised questions about whether he deserted his post in Afghanistan, or worse, actively sought out the Taliban insurgents who would eventually hold him captive for five years.

Acosta was unsatisfied with the answer and pressed, “But honor and distinction?”

“Jim, really, this is a young man whose circumstances we are still going to learn about. He is, as all Americans, innocent until proven guilty,” Rice deflected. “He’s now being tried in the court of public opinion after having gone through enormously traumatic five years of captivity — his parents, the same. I think what we need to care most about is his health and well-being and recovery.”

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