This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us

The modern church is always looking for new ways to be hip, relevant, and popular to this neon-shiny culture of death. After all, we can’t save those poor souls if we don’t reach out, right?

It seems we’ve discovered the secret to making all the pagans love us: do what they do. We sin right along with them, to become as reprobate…er, “relatable” as we can.

Dean and Christy Parave are self-labeled Christians in Florida. And they think they’ve found a brilliant way to rescue the lost: getting lost themselves.

They’re proud swingers. As in, a married couple who habitually have sex with other people’s spouses. They also run a swingers website, to match couples and facilitate the swinging lifestyle. But they say it’s all okay…they’re preaching to their sex partners. Just like God intended.

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