Witnesses report heavy fighting Saturday in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, along with more clashes and shelling in the capital, Damascus. Government troops continue to try and claw back territory lost to rebel fighters in recent days, shelling other major towns and cities, but with limited success.

The sounds of gunfire echoed in the streets of Aleppo, Syria’s commercial capital, amid off-and-on gun battles between rebels and government loyalists. Witnesses say rebel Free Syrian Army fighters now have a strong presence inside the city and have set up some checkpoints.

​​Rebel fighters also control the main border post between Turkey and Syria, giving them free access to munitions and other supplies. Syrian government troops have withdrawn from most, if not all border posts between Turkey and Syria, and Kurdish fighters control the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

Witnesses reported heavy government shelling and firefights in Homs and the nearby towns of Talbiseh and Rastan. Fighting was also reported in other areas close to Lebanon’s northern border.

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