The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has been highly active over the last six months targeting media outlets it believes are reporting untruths about what is happening in Syria. The group, which supports President Bashar al-Assad, last week claimed responsibility for attacks on the New York Times and Twitter – as a result of the group’s official Twitter account being suspended.

However the group turned its attention to the US Marines, who could potentially be drawn into the civil war in Syria, though President Barack Obama on Sunday was branded as “hesitant and confused” by the Assad regime over his plans to wait for Congressional approval before launching any air strikes against regime targets.

The SEA defaced the website early on Monday morning but at the time of publication the website had returned to normal. As well as posting a lengthy message to its “brothers” in the US Marine Corps, the SEA posted a series of pictures purporting to show soldiers in uniform holding up written messages protesting Us involvement in Syria.

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