Once upon a time…it was Korea.  Then it was Vietnam.  Then it
was Bosnia…get the picture yet?  Which country can you name
that has been constantly prowling the world looking for a fight?
Or having the audacity to believe that we have the only
knowledge, wisdom, fire-power and God-given instructions to
settle every grievance that rises to the surface?  Yes, you
guessed it; and it’s not Patagonia.

Our government is now in serious contemplation of the “necessity”
of entering armed conflict with the Hatfields and McCoys of
Syria.  Needless to say, inviting yourselves into a family feud
has never been very welcome nor intelligent.  How many two by
fours does it take before the mule gets the message?

Syria is serious, no question about it.  It seems that the most
urgent appeals for the United States to enter this conflict are
coming from Saudi Arabia.  Why?  Over the past few days it has
been alleged that rebels using everything they can to unseat
Assad, are the ones who have been furnished (and used) chemical
weapons by Saudi Arabia itself.  There seems to be a confusion of
opinion as to who is the ultimate culprit; if there is only one.
One thing is clear to me: if they have been used, and if we get
the truth (as elusive as that always is) it probably will
surprise everyone.  The fact remains: we have no skin in this
game.  It may be quite painful to sit by and await an eventual
outcome which we dislike but it would be insane to interfere, or
even become involved with an ideology of the world that
effectively hates us.  This is a bad game – and we don’t need to
enter it try to “win” it.

President Bashar al-Assad is fighting for his life and the life
of his country.  Would we do any different?  So, he’s a dictator.
Unfortunately, his country is in the cradle of hate-filled
wannabes who want to transform the entire world into a black hole
of terrorist Islamic ideology.  This may come as a surprise to
many, who only get their “truth” via “Pravda”, and their “news”
via “Isvestia”.  The “talking points” seem to shift like the
sands of Sahara.  Propaganda changes as often as necessary so as
to confuse even those in power.  And who, really, is the enemy in
this Syrian, Al Qaeda, Iranian, Rebel, Islamic conflagration?  If
we get involved in anything, it might be wise to restrict our
efforts to stop the supply of armaments, rather than add to the
conflict.  Maybe the car will stop when the fuel runs out.

But then, here comes our all-wise Commander in Chief.  Playing
coy, first insisting that he doesn’t need Congress to authorize
anything, but then making it quite public that he will “defer” to
them.  Right now, apparently, he is thinking – “who’s going to
get the blame when this thing doesn’t work out?”  Wise move…on
his part.  If Congress approves, and Obama acts unwisely,
obviously, they will still be blamed for a less-than-desired
outcome; and if they disapprove and it gets worse, they will still
be blamed.  But as a military strategist, he’s totally incompetent.
And he has his commanders spending more time and effort in
“normalizing” homosexuality in the troops than learning how and
when to confront an adversary.  This is a game none of us need
to enter…for now.