Syria, the potential disaster that could change the world, as we know it, takes little in the way of imagination to envision.  It sits there like a cornered bear that is continually being prodded with a sharp stick, this won’t end well and it definitely is going to leave a mark.  The horror that this potential powder keg could produce torments my waking hours and robs me of sleep.

Our involvement in Syria does not have any positive aspects.  However, I feel the lack of support for this involvement significantly raises the immediate and potential danger here at home.  The recent development of potentially placing Syria’s chemical weapons under UN control may have actually increased our potential danger.  All of this has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns.  This is all about money and control.  These self-indulgent psychopaths aren’t happy when they don’t get things their own way and the depravity with which they function is beyond the comprehension of the sane.  Their sadistic tendency to justify any means to achieve their desired end should strike terror in the heart of the bravest.  The realization of their depravity can only produce an understanding that nothing is beyond their guile.

The distrust for one’s government is an agonizing revelation.  The fact that Mr. Obama and his chief minion, Kerry has been unable to elicit significant support for the war raises new fears.  The blatant corruption of our government combined with the apparent psychopathic tendencies of those that appear to be pulling the strings present new horizons of potential scenarios.

I fear, the reparations for not supporting the war, even though Mr. Obama only desires support for the purpose of future deniability.  My fear arises from our government’s tendency to create an atmosphere that will nudge public opinion in a desired direction.  With public opinion so strongly against our involvement, it would take something of significance to sway opinion.  Something on the scale of a purported chemical attack here at home or possibly Israel, attributed to Syria, or maybe even a nuclear attack.  Something of this scale should not surprise anyone; watch the stakes and the tension will quickly increase.  Considering the utter disregard with which our government and more directly Mr. Obama, holds the lives of others, lack of surprise, quickly turns to logical anticipation.

Recent reports of an US Nuclear warhead transfer, covertly taking place from Dyess Air Force base, to North Carolina with an unclear destination is very concerning; we know those don’t get moved without an intended target.  It is extremely troubling that this is reportedly being done outside of normal procedures with no paper trail.  I have been unable to confirm the validity or the reliability of the source of this information so I have not included a link to the article, but it is easy enough to find with your search engine.

It is such a sad, sad day when the possibility of our own government committing such atrocities, is no longer out of the realm of belief.  The thought of WMD being used in effort to sway public opinion is so repulsive that it is naively considered unthinkable by many.  Oh, that we lived in such a world…

It has been proposed that this is all about the president just trying to save face over his foolish red line statement, that’s not it, this about control.  Control of natural gas resources in Syria and Iran, control of pipeline distribution routes, in essence Saudi control of the Middle east, You don’t think that Saudi Arabia volunteered to pay all US expenses if we took care of Assad, was just results of their humanitarian concerns, do you?

Keep a wary eye, if sufficient support does not come, we will be nudged, nudged hard, hard enough that the resulting grief will quickly turn to desires for justice tempered with unspoken thirst for revenge, the problem is that it will idealistically be directed in the wrong direction.

Once they have completed the hurdle of direct American military involvement in Syria, which undoubtedly would include Iran, and either by proxy or directly Russia.  Then we will see the efforts to replace the dollar as global currency kick into high gear.  It is all about control, today the Middle East, tomorrow the world.

For those that have eyes to see…

There’s a signpost up ahead.  Next stop…  To think, it would have been so much more comforting if it had just read, “Twilight Zone.”

America is viewed as an inconvenient speed bump in the agenda of those that have the power and their unquenchable lust for more.