Scarlett Johansson, better known as Black Widow in the Avenger movies, stepped into Ivanka Trump’s heels in a Saturday Nights Live skit, but they were far too large for Johansson to fill.

Scarlett mocked Ivanka, calling her complicit, and painted a bad picture of the successful business owner.

I have always liked Johansson, but this skit was extremely tacky, and honestly made her look extremely petty.

Trump is a successful business woman, women’s advocate, runs her own clothing line, AND takes care of her three 3 children. Where does that leave room to mock her?

Johansson even insinuated that Ivanka should have left her father’s side during the election when the video of his comments about women surfaced. However, instead of abandoning her father at such a crucial time, she embraces his apology. Ivanka addressed the situation with a cool, classy answer saying, “My father’s comments were clearly inappropriate an offensive and I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people.”

Johansson and the producers of SNL show no class when they perform skits like this, portraying good, hard working, American people in such a negative light.