Our embassies are on fire across the mid-east, our President is so concerned that he parties with Beyonce on the same night that occurs, and Bernake’s QE3 may destroy what little value the dollar has left. So how about some good news?

Last weekend I attended the Freedom Works rally in Cincinnati Ohio. Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker.  Many others spoke as well including Dana Loesch and C. L Bryant of the “Runaway Slave” movie. The speeches were inspirational and each speaker emphasized our need to pull together, join forces, and fight for liberty. This is far from just being fiery rhetoric. Both the speakers and the members of the audience really seemed to “get” the critical juncture at which this country has arrived.

And that leads me to the most encouraging part of the weekend. In downtown Cincinnati on a lovely Saturday when people could have been outside enjoying fall, Freedom Works was able to assemble close to 7,000 people for what was essentially a political meeting. That has to be indicative of a larger reality. Like the phenomenon I wrote about in an earlier piece for this website,  What I Saw At The Revolution , there is a storm brewing in this nation.

Ignore the polls, ignore the negative stories about Romney, if 7,000 people can repeatedly leap to their feet over topics such as liberty, personal responsibility, and the Constitution, then there is hope for us! You can call it the tea party, you can call it the 9-12 project, you can call it good old fashioned conservatism, but there is a real, lasting, grassroots engagement going on in this nation that I have never witnessed before.

Obviously, that begs the question, what are the numbers? There is no doubt that conservatism and awareness of first principles is growing astronomically but is it growing fast enough? Even if Mitt Romney was wrong mathematically in his 47% comment, there is still a huge segment of the population that is dependent on government and that WILL vote Democrat accordingly. But how many of “us” versus “them” are there? Only November will tell us.

One thing I did notice about my fellow patriots, we are getting old. The crowd was overwhelmingly forty plus and most of us were in the 50-65 age bracket. There were young people there and that was encouraging, but we must work to rapidly pull in more of America’s youth. Winning in November will only be a first step, in order to defeat liberalism, in order to restore this nation to where it should be, we must win election after election and to do that we need a massive influx of young people. If we cannot recruit adequately, our movement will literally die out.

The good news is, I don’t think that is going to happen. More and more college age kids are moving to the right. I personally have met multiple Young Republicans officers from many campuses. They are a vibrant and motivated group. Right now one of my Twitter friends is in Europe establishing Young Republican clubs on European campuses.

In the short term, the rally in Cincinnati certainly encouraged me. Freedom Works is planning additional rallies in other states. Stay tuned to their website for further details. I encourage you to attend if one gets close to you. The group I saw was determined to make sure Romney and the Republicans win in Ohio despite the dismal predictions from pollsters.  Perhaps you can be part of a similar movement in your state.