While the fast-food strike has drawn much buzz from the media, Rush Limbaugh isn’t going to be swayed, saying that those striking have been “organized” and that the protests are “staged.”

“The question really is: Are these people doing this on their own or have they been organized? The obvious answer is they’ve been organized. Once you see them say, ‘Si, se puede,’ and attacking the minimum wage, you know it,” the conservative radio host said on his Thursday show according to a transcript. “But it’s Obamacare. It’s Obama’s economy that they should be protesting. Obama’s economy, Obamacare is what has led to whatever circumstances make them unhappy.”

Limbaugh said that this type of acceptance of a president with the current state of the nation would not be the case, if the country were being run by a Republican, saying that protesters had been taught to blame Republicans, using a vocal protester, Taisha Backs, as his example.

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