I read a commentary on Patriot Update this week suggesting that the Republican Party, their recent victory in hand, should propose 100 new laws in 100 days. The idea would be that they would force Obama to approve or veto them, thus establishing the Republican’s determination to “rule”.

Actually, I think a much better idea would be to pass 100 repeal measures, daring Obama to veto them. By far the most significant problem this nation faces is that it is over-ruled, over-regulated, over-legislated. Repealing 100 laws or regulations wouldn’t even make a dent in what socialism has done to this country since F.D. Roosevelt and quite a bit even before him. He just greatly entrenched it.

The basic idea behind the Constitution, and the forefathers brilliance, was to create a government–unlike the kingdoms in England and the rest of Europe–where the people would be free to innovate, explore, create and live free of government interference and/or oppression. That idea was buried during the long, king-line rule of Roosevelt. Presidents and congresses since then have been just piling dirt on the grave.

The one fairly significant push-back against rampant socialism in my lifetime has been the rise of the Tea Party. The two-party system is so corrupt and has so entrenched itself in a monstrous mass of legislation that there isn’t much hope of re-establishing economic and political freedom. But at least the Tea Party has made some noise in that direction in recent years.

I think it might be a good idea if the Tea Party considered changing its name to the Repeal Party. Such a move would clearly establish what needs to be done and set a goal for the American people. Obviously the Republicans, much less the Democrats, aren’t going to repeal anything or even consider making such noises. The Tea Party already has proven a prickly burr under their combined saddle (to thoroughly mix my metaphors). Perhaps the Tea Party should make clear what it and a significant part of the public would like to see–less government, less regulation, fewer politicians and more statesmen.

Early in my life I was a Democrat, even serving four years in a state government position. That four years convinced me that even state government was becoming oppressive and had its fingers in entirely too many pies. With the rise of Ronald Reagan I became a Republican. Since the last two Republican presidents, I have decided neither party represents me any more, or has my or my family’s, best interests in mind.

Having been badly burned by both parties–like all responsible Americans seeking to be self-sufficient and live free and responsibly–I now just check all the boxes “Independent”. I confess I have been attracted by some of the moves the Tea Partiers have made and some of their efforts. However, I don’t intend to become actively involved with them. Independence and freedom were the drives that created this country. Party politics have killed it, burying it under an unimaginatively huge mass of laws, rules, regulations, agencies, bureaus and burdensome public debt. We could do a lot against that last part–unsustainable, burdensome public debt–by repealing thousands of program, bureaus, agencies represented by hundreds of thousands of new laws.

Tea Partiers have some good ideas, which include an impetus toward less government rather than more. I won’t join their party, I prefer them as they are, not really a “party” like the two that have virtually doomed the United States. But if they’ll add “repeal” to their name somewhere, I will support them!