Jesus Loves Muslims. The Tea Party Loves Muslims. This isn’t about Love. It’s about NATIONAL SECURITY.

Over 1,000 Tea Partiers crashed the Government-sponsored “Muslims are Really, Really Nice” Outreach Event held in Manchester, TN on June 4, 2013. I was there. I think we surprised them. Actually it was called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society.” Weird name. The Muslims must have all disappeared when the Tea Party showed up because I only saw five or six Muslims there.

“Criticizing Islam” is against Shariah Law. That’s why the fact that our government seems to be obeying this, by taking the word Islam and Jihad out of every news story, protecting the perpetrators, and changing the dialogue to “workplace violence” or “lone wolf” instead of ‘Islamic Jihadist,’ is downright scary. Our government is morphing into a Shariah-friendly tyranny…in military decisions, media, Benghazi lies, etc. This was proven to me right before my eyes at this “Muslim Outreach” meeting where the government proved it is very intent on protecting Muslims, but not any of the rest of us.

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