Yet another Tea Party group has come out publicly against the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, as has announced its opposition to the legislation and published online an alternative plan for immigration reform.
“The granting of citizenship is the most solemn honor this country can confer,” TheTeaParty.Net founder Todd Cefaratti said in a statement obtained by Breitbart News. “It is not something that ought to be used to score political points or to win the next election.”
“Before the American people extend this gift they must be assured that verifiable border security has preeminent priority. The Senate bill currently does not have it,” he explained. “Americans will not be bullied, intimidated and steamrolled into accepting this legislation.”
“We have proposed a conservative alternative at for which we will be rallying Congressional support in the coming days.”
The group said in its release it will be briefing members of Congress on the alternative immigration reform plan in the coming days and weeks.
TheTeaParty.Net’s chief strategist Niger Innis added that he thinks the “Senate amnesty bill is a non-starter.”
“But instead of just saying we’re against something, we have put forward eight principles that we believe are the necessary pillars of an America First Immigration alternative,” Innis said. “Over the coming days we will be meeting with conservative Senate and House members about getting them to support the plan.”
“We will not be bullied by a Harry Reid-Chuck Schumer agenda that undermines the Constitution by ramming through a bill that the American people do not support,” Innis promised. “The only way to stop a bully is to confront them.”
Many other Tea Party organizations, like Tea Party Patriots, have already announced their opposition to the Gang of Eight bill. More than 150 of them banded together in recent months to sign a letter sent to members of Congress announcing their ardent opposition to the legislation. did not sign that letter at the time and was fighting suggestions from the office of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) that it may support the legislation.

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