As reported by The Blaze, 10-year-old in England was not allowed to drink water in school because his teacher didn’t think it was fair to students fasting for Ramadan.

The boy’s mother, Kora Blagden, said her son Luke came home extremely dehydrated on Thursday (one of the hottest days of the year). He told his mother that his teacher at Charles Dickens Primary School in Hampshire told him he wasn’t allowed to drink water all day.

Mrs. Blagden said, “We were talking last night before bed about Ramadan and my son Luke came out that he wasn’t allowed to drink at school. I said, ‘Hang on, why aren’t you allowed to drink at school?’”

“He said his class teacher refused it because one of the kids was fasting,” she continued. “I think quite a few were fasting, but one in particular had a headache. They said it would be unfair if the other pupils were to drink in front of that child, Luke agreed and he took it that he couldn’t drink water all day.”

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