That the nation’s schools have serious problems cannot be denied. But it goes beyond bad textbooks, poor lesson plans and unskilled teaching when a school official acts to deny a small child’s religious rights.

All the details of the incident, including what school it occurred at, are not known because Marcos and Kathy Perez, of the Orlando area, are hoping they can resolve the issue with their local school officials.

However, they have posted a video of their 5-year-old baby girl explaining what happened to her when she tried to pray before eating her lunch.

“I was at school, and I got my lunch, and I was about to pray and say something to Jesus,” said the little girl, whose name has also not been given. “… My lunch teacher told me … ‘you’re not allowed to pray.'”

Responding to questions from her parents, the girl goes on to say that she told her teacher, “It’s good to pray, and she just said, ‘It’s not good!'”

Marcos Perez, vice president of a Christian publishing company, told The Blaze, “No American should ever experience having their right to pray taken away.”

For the little girl in the video, it happened twice.

She explains that after the first time her teacher told her not to pray that she was going to pray anyway. “I was trying to pray, but I just couldn’t — because they caught me again,” she said.

It is to be hoped that the incident can be settled at the local school level, but it sounds like it may not be.

Perez said he contacted the principal, who promised to investigate, but that the school staff denied the incident occurred. “As expected, the staff denied everything,” Perez said.

It’s not known whether the teacher in question is an atheist, though the odds seem pretty good. Regardless of whether she personally is, she’s serving an atheist agenda.

Increasingly, across the country, atheism is being installed inch by inch in our public institutions and spaces. This movement is nothing less than the slow encroachment of a state-sponsored religion.

Atheists always say that their belief is a religion, but it certainly is and always has been, complete with materialistic worldview that is being foisted off on the public and in particular children in schools.

If the principal of the school in question has half an ounce of sense, that teacher will be given at the very least a stern lecture about the meaning of freedom of religion.