Rick Perry wants to all-but-eliminate the EPA (at the very least, he wants to severely hobble it.) And the people trying to keep President Obama in the White House are not going to let that stand.

Although Obama has been in some high-profile tussles with the environmentalist community lately, his campaign and its allies made it clear today they’re willing to defend their environmental record and contrast it with the universally-accepted view among the GOP candidates that environmental protection goes too far.

“Rick Perry’s energy agenda today included well-known Republican proposals: reducing clean air regulations, substantially curtailing the Environmental Protection Agency, ending incentives for clean energy, and expanding opportunities for oil companies,” Bill Burton, the head of Obama fundraising machine Priorities USA Action, wrote in a memo to reporters. “While these proposals may appeal to the Tea Party, they are far outside mainstream American public opinion on the environment and energy.”

Perry’s plan, which he touted as a jobs package when he announced it Friday, would open up a ton of new land to drilling, baby, drilling and would slash the EPA’s budget by 60%.

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