Does Ted Cruz stand alone?

It seems all the Senate Republicans are willing to turn a blind eye to the scandal and corruption obviously at play in the Mississippi Senate race to protect their buddy Thad Cochran who, apparently, can no longer find his way to the clubby Senate lunches he’s been attending since Jimmy Carter was president.

In what appears to be the ultimate modern demonstration of “drinking the Koolaid,” Republicans across the spectrum seem to have entered a pact in sticking together to defend, and even celebrate, campaign tactics predicated on gross voter fraud and manipulation of minority voters. In fact, we now know Senate Republicans funded those attacks.

One senator, however, has broken the silence and is speaking out. Yes, one. Only one. Senator Ted Cruz, who, ironically, holds an official position with the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), the group at the center of these nasty allegations. Cruz has described the Mississippi fiasco as “appalling” and called for a “vigorous investigation” of possible criminal conduct in an interview with Mark Levin.

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