If only Terrence Bean wore a Roman collar the media might pay him a little more attention. The 66-year old co-founder of the radical homosexual outfit known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)—a misnomer if ever there was one—was arrested in late November on charges that he and his ex-boyfriend raped a fifteen year old boy in a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon. Bean maintains his innocence.

The organization Mr. Bean founded is the largest “gay” “rights” pressure group in the United States. Its logo—a yellow equals sign on a blue background—is rapidly becoming the internationally recognized symbol of a political movement. In Massachusetts, where I hail from, the symbol is ubiquitous on car bumpers.

The HRC is the homofascist mothership and Bean is its queen. The organization published the illegally obtained donor list of the National Organization for Marriage in order to harass and intimidate its opponents. Its efforts also brought about the downfall of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich who made the mistake of making a small donation to supporters of California’s Proposition 8. The HRC supports forcing private citizens to participate in homosexual weddings. As long as anyone anywhere still maintains the rights of free speech and free exercise of religion, the HRC will not rest.

The high profile of the accused within the homosexual movement demands an answer as to why all three major networks have thus far completely ignored the story. Yet to ask the question is to answer it. Reporters are quick to self-censor when they have reservations about the damage their stories might do to beloved causes. In this instance, they worry that people might get the “wrong idea” about homosexuals, namely that their community has a special predilection toward pedophilia. Only “bigots” talk that way.

But what if the “bigots” are right? Homosexuals, particular the male variety, engage in kiddy-diddling at a rate far beyond their numbers. No, not all child molesters are homosexual, and not all homosexuals are child molesters, but the overlapping between the two groups is too large to ignore.

About one third of pedophilia victims are boys and nearly one hundred percent of the offenders are men. That means that male homosexuals, who represent about 1.5% of the population, account for approximately 33% of pedophilia incidents. In other words, male homosexuals molest children at a rate twenty-times greater than their share of the population. Homosexual apologists dismiss these basic facts by employing a lot of sophistry intended to demonstrate that men who have sex with boys aren’t really “gay.”

The idea that Terrence Bean isn’t really “gay” might come as a shock to a lot of people including Bean’s boyfriend and co-conspirator. An imposter has been leading that movement for decades. Time for Mr. Bean to relinquish his HRC membership card.

Nor is Terrence Bean alone among homosexual activists caught in the act of with underaged boys. Larry Brinkin, the first person ever to use the term “domestic partnership” in a lawsuit, was a giant in the San Francisco “gay” community. Brinkin’s lawsuit paved the way for legal recognition of homosexual relationships, which makes him, some would argue, a surrogate father to same-sex marriage. In 2012, Brinkin was arrested for distributing pornographic material depicting adult men raping babies. Supporters reflexively claimed it was a frame-up but Brinkin pleaded guilty so obviously he wasn’t really “gay” either.

Walter Lee Williams, a former professor at USC and pioneer in the field of “queer studies,” fled the country in 2011 after police questioned him about child pornography. As it turns out, he was something of a sex tourist whose boy victims litter the globe. According to CBS’s Los Angeles affiliate, Williams “used his academic research as a guise to target primarily underage boys in the Philippines, Indonesia, Polynesia and Thailand.” He was arrested in Mexico in 2013. Again, not “gay.”

These are but two examples which I’m sure won’t convince those who are emotionally invested in this movement. Mere anecdotes, they will sniff. But I challenge the doubters to look a little closer at the seedier side of homosexual subculture.

Even if every member of the homosexual community isn’t a child molester, the aggregate seems to embrace an attitude of see no evil, hear no evil. It wasn’t that long ago when America’s premiere pedophile rights organization, the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), marched in “gay” pride parades. According to journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis, an open and unapologetic homosexual, NAMBLA became outcasts at pride parades around 1994, and only because the Religious Right began calling attention to the diddlers’ presence. It was almost as if the non-pedophile marchers at these parades failed to notice, for the better part of fifteen years, that their parade had been infiltrated by self-identified child rapists. The non-pedophiles obviously weren’t particularly ashamed of the association and would probably still include a NAMBLA contingent today if “bigots” hadn’t raised a stink about it.

Not that NAMBLA lacked defenders. Harry Hay, sometimes called “the father of gay liberation,” who fought for the cause as early as the 1940s, considered ways to show his solidarity with the exiled child molesters. “I march with NAMBLA” he scrawled on a sign before marching in a Los Angeles pride parade. When questioned about his apparent commiseration with a pedophile organization, he replied:  “If the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.”

Those are the words of “the father of gay liberation,” a secular saint never excommunicated from the movement.

It isn’t difficult, for those who choose to keep their eyes open, to spot a strain of youth-obsessed eroticism in the homosexual community. Nearly all of the homosexual movement’s heroes were child molesters, from Oscar Wilde to Harvey Milk. The Village People’s campy hit song “YMCA” is about the homosexual subculture that once thrived at YMCAs, particularly between adult men and teenage boys who straddled age of consent boundaries. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network’s (GLSEN’s) recommended reading list for kids includes books that depict (and excuse) homosexual encounters between adults and children.

I could go on and on, but some people would refuse to see a pattern no matter how many examples I cited. That’s how truly warped the minds of homosexual activists are. It doesn’t bother them that their movement is infested with perverts like Harry Hay or Walter Lee Williams. It bothers them that other people notice it and make connections. After years of trying, I’ve become convinced that there’s just no reaching such people.