It says a lot about the religion of Islam that its proponents react so violently to everyday expressions of free speech. After a magazine in Paris poked fun at Islamic extremism and lampooned the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim terrorists responded by demonstrating that the magazine’s portrayal of Islam was accurate. Hate-filled terrorists slaughtered 12 members of the magazine’s cartoon staff. The contrast between Islam and Christianity is breath taking. Christians—whose God is besmirched, belittled, and insulted on a regular basis—are taught to turn the other cheek and forgive.   When was the last time you heard of a Christian taking a gun and wiping out a room full of people because some secular humanist lampooned Christ?

One can only speculate that the Muslim terrorists who murdered twelve innocent French journalists thought their dastardly deed would intimidate other publications into giving up their free speech in favor of safety and security. But their violent response to what they considered an insult to the Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam shows that Muslim fanatics do not understand how free people think. The bigots who opposed Civil Rights in America in the 1950s and 60s made the same mistake. They thought they could bully, beat, and intimidate free American citizens into giving up their fundamental constitutional rights. Look how that turned out. Look how the magazine, Charlie Hebdo responded. Far from being intimidated, its cartoonists once again put a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed on its cover and that edition sold millions of copies instead of the usual fifty thousand. So much for being intimidated by terrorists.

To get a feel for how free people think, Muslim fanatics would be wise to study the Civil Rights movement in America. Every time a bigoted thug beat or abused a priest, minister, elderly person, or college student who was marching on behalf of civil rights for black Americans, rather than cower from intimidation the marchers were strengthened. The violence, abuse, and even murders of civil rights advocates—both black and white—only strengthened the resolve of advocates and added to their numbers. This is precisely what Muslim fanatics achieve every time they carry out another of their senseless and brutal terrorist attacks against innocent people whose beliefs are different than theirs. This is why there was a long line of people outside the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo when the latest issue of the magazine was released. All the terrorists achieved was to increase the magazine’s subscription rate exponentially.

Writing about the terrorist murders in Paris for the Washington Times (January 12, 2015), Eric Schiffer made an important point: “Radical jihadi brothers dreaming of Muhammad’s martyrdom died in infamy and explosions, heroes to the Islamist movement. To the rest of the civilized world, they are not heroes, but disgusting animals with no sense of reality. The true martyrs are the brave cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. The artists paid the full measure as they were slaughtered sitting at their desks with pens in their hands. Freedom of speech is a good hill to die upon. It should be littered with the sacrifices of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians alike. The barbarism that is facing the world should unite us all. We should proudly stand shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters of the civilized world against the onslaught of ideological atrocities.”

Social media has enhanced the ability of Muslim terrorists to plan and carry out their nefarious agenda against western nations. Further, unchecked Muslim immigration has allowed terrorists to plant thousands of their useful fools right in midst of law-abiding citizens of western nations. In France alone there are almost six million Muslims. There are now so many Muslims living in France that the French police have simply ceded control of certain parts of Paris to them. This same phenomenon is happening in other western nations.

Frankly, if free people are going to effectively stop the type of terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris, at Fort Hood, in Boston, and in Oklahoma City (the beheading), we are going to have to re-think our positions on immigration. Does it really make sense to continue affording open access to Muslims who for the death of western civilization? I suspect the time is coming when the free people of the world will finally say “enough is enough.” When that time comes—and it is coming—western nations will come together to show Muslim fanatics that not only is the pen mightier than the sword, but that the pen and the sword—when used together—can be devastating weapons.