Jon Tester instead sides with Mike Bloomberg and his hysterical Demanding Moms, and the Brady Campaign, and the Violence Policy Center, and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and…?
Check it out:

Crowing about a setback for gun rights advocates, the Michael Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action issued a press release Thursday expressing their pleasure that “the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs rejected an NRA-backed measure today that would have allowed concealed, loaded guns to be carried in post offices.”

The rejoicing is hardly unexpected, although it is curious for a group spreading the insulting “going postal” myth that they’d be silent on recent news that “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition.” Still, the “victory” for the Bloomberg Moms (BMs) is only partial.

“A Senate committee unanimously passed a measure Thursday to allow people to carry guns on postal service property, but killed a broader push to let gun owners carry their firearms into actual post office buildings,” The Washington Times reported yesterday. That means once the measure becomes law, people won’t need to be defenseless driving to or from the Post Office, but will still be mandated helpless if they have business inside.

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