In an effort to prevent a tragedy similar to that of Sandy Hook, a Texas school district has decided to allow certain staff members to carry concealed weapons.

Megyn Kelly welcomed two Texas superintendents — one whose district recently adopted the practice and one who adopted the policy back in 2007 — to discuss the matter on today’s America Live.

“I think primarily, we’re looking at the safety and security of our students,” said Kelly Baggett, the superintendent of the Levelland independent school district near Lubbock, Texas. According to Baggett, parents in the district have expressed a “very positive” reaction to the plan, too.

Megyn Kelly also spoke with David Thweatt, the superintendent of the Harrold independent school district, who implemented a similar policy in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007.

“After the December shooting [in Newtown], we had an outpouring on our social media … congratulating us — from the parents — for being proactive and protecting their children,” said Thweatt.

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