Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne came under fire in March as the Irving City Council put forth a resolution that sought to ban foreign law from being a part of Texas. Ultimately, this would do away with Islamic Sharia and the Islamic tribunal that was erected in Dallas. She warned Islamists that she would not be bullied shortly after the firestorm. On Thursday, Van Duyne penned an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News calling all of the controversy that had been generated by the resolution to ban foreign law in Texas “baffling,” and warned that she will not be deterred in standing against foreign law in Texas.

“My repeated commitment to uphold the primacy of American law and constitutional protections for Texans, including and especially immigrant women, has been characterized as something like a hate campaign,” wrote Van Duyne.

From the outset of her postings on Facebook, she was clear that the resolution was to protect the people’s rights and ensure that they were not violated by upholding constitutional law. However, the outrage from the Muslim community had her perplexed.

“It is baffling to comprehend the amount of controversy generated by my support as mayor of Irving for a state law that simply asks family law judges to uphold American fundamental constitutional rights when deciding a case that involves a conflicting foreign law,” she wrote. “Most often the victims of unjust foreign law are women and from immigrant communities. How can defending these newcomers to America be considered disrespectful or hateful?”

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