How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

On second thought, a column itemizing the legitimate reasons conservatives have for loathing the GOP Establishment would be longer than War and Peace. So why go through all that hassle when a picture – or in this case a snapshot of one southern liberal Republican – says a thousand words.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran.

Though he represents arguably the most conservative state in the union, Cochran has a failing “F” Liberty Score™ here at CR. He votes for conservative principles only 33% of the time. I guess I get the whole “the person who is my 80% friend isn’t my 20% enemy” thing, but what do you call someone who’s against you more than 70% of the time? One might call him an enemy.

This is the man the GOP establishment may have stolen an election for.

Recall about this time last year, when the GOP establishment was pulling out all the stops to save Cochran from being defeated by conservative Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel in the primary. Even going so far as to run a race-baiting campaign in an attempt to drive Democrats into the run-off to save the Republican Cochran from – get this – the Republicans.

Cochran survived a run-off because those accustomed to responding to race-baiting at election time answered the call once more. Mississippi counties, that President Obama won in 2012, saw a 43% increase in voter turnout between the Cochran-McDaniel primary and the runoff – allowing Cochran to win the Republican nomination despite losing Republican voters by almost eight points.

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