This is the time of year when people all over this country
set aside one day to give thanks.  But, to whom do we give
those thanks?  To the pilgrims who landed here in the early
seventeenth century, it was a time of giving thanks to God
for His love, compassion, safety and guidance to life in a
completely new land, devoid of settlements, roads, markets
and any of the other amenities of life afore enjoyed.  But,
no, this gratefulness did not begin with the pilgrims.

Early settlers took their cue from David, in the Psalms,
where he made mention time after time of his thanks to the
true God of Heaven Who continually heard and answered his
prayers.  It is my humble opinion that every person who
calls this country “home,” should offer the same thanks.  We
truly live in a blessed country.  When we look at other
civilizations and other countries and centuries, we can find
none that even closely approaches the freedoms we enjoy from
the tyranny of the past or present.  True, we often get
disgusted by political shenanigans and outright corruption
in high places; object to new rules imposed upon us and, of
course, always object to taxes.  Taxes have a place: if they
are put to the proper use, they build roads, schools,
security from criminals, flood control, etc.  Unfortunately,
the officials that control the expenditures of these funds,
more often than not, find a plethora of ways to bend rules
and spend where not authorized and on projects not approved
or on such that any wise man would find abhorrent.  In this
regard, we can also give thanks that when government runs
amok, good men arise to counter the evil trend.  They are
not always successful, but it is up to the citizenry to keep
their eyes open to the certainty that we don’t live in a
perfect society.  Still, we give thanks for the openness
that we enjoy in a country whose forefathers rejected the
notion of nobility, kings and princes.  We have a say as to
the quality of life that we aspire to and if it doesn’t fit
our ideals, we can, if possible, even attempt to become a
candidate to lend our thoughts, ideals and plans in any
election where we may be qualified.  And, yes, we can even
give thanks for that.

Which brings us to Thanksgiving in the year 2014.  It really
doesn’t take much thought to realize how thankfully we
should be.  Just considering the First Amendment to the
Constitution guaranteeing us freedom to worship, the press,
freedom to assemble, etc., is unique in all the world.  And,
in all honesty, giving thanks to God for our exceptional
country and all its benefits should be a no-brainer.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.