Ever wonder where your tax dollars are going?

How about upkeep for a pink, octagonal monkey house in Dayton, Ohio, that hasn’t been occupied for years? The Department of Veterans Affairs is spending $175 million each year to maintain buildings it does not use, according to Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

Or $41,000 for a toilet? Uncle Sam paid $1.49 million to replace 36 malodorous chemical toilets with a “sweet smelling toilet facility” in Denali National Park in Alaska.

Coburn just released his latest report on wasteful government spending, identifying billions of taxpayer dollars being thrown away by the federal government.

The “Wastebook: A Guide to Some of the Most Wasteful Government Spending of 2010,” identifies 100 examples of pointless waste, theft, mismanagement and abuse in federal spending. The total cost to taxpayers? $11.5 billion, and Coburn acknowledges that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“Examples like these are too numerous to count,” writes Coburn. “Worse yet, they are costing us billions even as we borrow huge sums just to keep the government operating at a basic level.”

Coburn’s solution? Cut spending and borrowing.

“The need to cut back federal spending is obvious: there simply is not enough money to pay for everything the government is doing,” writes Coburn. “Excessive borrowing and spending has driven the national debt to a staggering $13.8 trillion. Last year alone, the government spent well over $1 trillion more than it collected in taxes.”

According to Coburn, the U.S. government is “borrowing over $44,000 for every person in the country.”

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