With a campaign of infiltration conducted in stealth, the left have successfully managed to take over the college system worldwide.
They have fanned the flame of Western European principles, at the expense of American values. They have carried more water for socialism than a flea to a camel.
Of course, socialism has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore it.
But while technically defined as “intellectuals”, they lack intellectual integrity. Make no mistake about it: moral equivalence is a university-bred doctrine. And it is a doctrine that stunts decision and opinion-making- to the detriment of America. Embracing this doctrine means wantonly abandoning the principles of Jefferson and Lincoln. Which in turn means floating aimlessly, without an anchor of conviction or rope of purpose.
In concert with the mainstream media (often giving us little reason to consider them as little as else other than an outgrowth of the same campus intolerance), and much like the media, higher education chose sides long ago and only want to play unopposed.
In fact, when it comes to reporting on a political figure representative of their politics, the media often are basically the college pals throwing his or her backpack around. It snores in light of missteps or inconsistencies or scandal.
Both media and academia, and other cultural institutions are tied together by their central premise: the reflex assumption that America is guilty.
As a result of their education, the young left are more intolerant than ever. Their diet of false narrative provided by the ageing hippies and committed leftists doubling as academics has molded them into something entirely different to those of their parents. The propaganda path has deposited kings of progressive pander, elevated “victimhood” to elite status, and made all afraid of their own shadow.
See, the left understand better than anyone that if you want to control tomorrow, you have to control today’s children. This is why conservative academics are denied tenure, and employment. It’s why conservative think tanks are in abundance in America.
And universities not releasing records? Of course. Students that side with terrorists will one day make great professors.
Our universities should be teaching students intellectual integrity and moral courage, for these are the preconditions of statesmanship. And these are the types of leaders America needs in the future, if the daring and improbably American experiment is to remain alive.
How about a path for citizenship for left-wing academics?