The misnamed American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU portrays itself as an objective, non-partisan defender of freedom and liberty. But the hard truth is that the ACLU is anything but a defender of freedom and liberty. In fact, it is just the opposite. No organization in America works harder to undermine the freedoms take for granted than the ACLU. In a recent letter to supporters on this topic, Alan Sears, CEO and General Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, wrote: “The ACLU was founded in 1920 by Roger Baldwin, an agnostic and socialist who admired communist leaders, including Joseph Stalin. From the start his vision was to radically change America. Baldwin did not believe that man was subject to a higher law that comes from God, so he sought to use man-made laws to dramatically reshape our nation.”

The ACLU invests most of its resources in trying to ensure freedom FROM religion, not to protect freedom OF religion. Religious rights granted to every American in the Constitution are anathema to the ACLU. When you hear about Scripture readings, devotions, and prayers being banned from classrooms, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, and the public square, the culprit is typically the ACLU. When you read about so-called “free-speech” zones being established at colleges and universities as a way to muzzle free speech—particularly Christian speech—the culprit, once again, is typically the ACLU.

Every year the ACLU and its proponents whittle away at the religious aspects of Christmas. By now the reader is familiar with attempts by the secular left to replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays,” attempts made more effective by the threat of lawsuits against retailers and other organizations by the ACLU. According to Alan Sears, “Every fall and winter, radical secular groups descend upon schools and local governments in an attempt to bully them into excluding every single vestige of Christmas from public life—despite the fact that 95 percent of Americans of all faiths celebrate Christmas. These groups are inspired by the decades of relentless antireligious efforts of the ACLU.” Actually Sears might have more accurately written anti-Christian efforts as opposed to “antireligious efforts,” since it is the Christian religion and not religion per se that offends the ACLU.

Unfortunately, municipalities and school districts tend to cave in rather than fight when the ACLU comes calling. As a result, the ACLU has made significant progress toward eliminating Christ from Christmas. For example, according to Alan Sears, the Courthouse in Ramsey County, Minnesota banned red poinsettias because someone complained they were a symbol of Christmas. In Rochester, Minnesota two young girls were suspended from school for saying “Merry Christmas.” In perhaps the silliest example of giving in to ACLU bullying, the city of Pittsburgh actually tried to rename Christmas “Sparkle Days” to avoid offending anyone opposed to Christmas. These are just a few examples of the progress being made in the ACLU’s nefarious anti-Christianity agenda. When you see Mary and Joseph replaced in manger scenes by Santa and Mrs. Claus—a growing trend—you are witnessing another example of caving in to the ACLU bullies.

The outlook is grim, but all is not lost for Christians and those who still subscribe to traditional American values; at least not yet. There are still Christians who are willing to fight back, and, fortunately, Alan Sears’ organization—Alliance Defending Freedom—is in their court, literally and figuratively. The ADF is sometimes called the Christian’s ACLU because it fights just as hard for religious freedom and the rights of Christians as the ACLU fights against them. For example, the ADF has an impressive record of defending religious liberty, protecting unborn babies, and supporting traditional marriage. Consider just a few of their recent victories:

  • So far the ADF has a 22-0 record of successfully opposing the Obamacare abortion pill mandate for businesses that oppose the mandate on religious grounds.
  • The ADF successfully defended 12 pro-life nurses in New Jersey who had been ordered by their hospital to assist in abortions or be fired.
  • Julea Ward, the graduate student in counseling at Eastern Michigan University who was kicked out of school because of her biblical beliefs, won a favorable settlement of her case with the assistance of the ADF.

The ACLU is well-staffed, well-equipped, and well-financed. Further, the organization is dedicated to carrying out its nefarious agenda. It has the principle shapers of public opinion and social mores—the public schools, higher education, and the mainstream media—on its side. In the battle to uphold religious freedom and traditional American values, Christians are clearly David to the ACLU’s Goliath. On the surface the battle looks uneven, unfair, and unwinnable. However, Christians know how the original battle between David and Goliath turned out. With God all things are possible. Plus, whereas David had his trusty sling, Christians have the ADF. All we have to do is join the fight and keep the faith. In our battles with the ACLU, we Christians have the benefit of truth on our side, and the truth is a powerful force.