One of the perks of living in Miami is absorbing the Cuban culture.  I have many friends here in my hometown, who tell me of their experience with the reality of communism and how they escaped it – rafts, planes, the Pedro Pan (Peter Pan) program.  Here is another amazing story of a Cuban family and a boy of 8 years old, escaping Castro’s communism in a boat lost at sea for two days, and their heroic rescue by our U.S. Coast Guard.

The important part of the story to me is how Alex explains that communism is now here in America and how if we don’t wake up our friends and neighbors quickly, and urge them not to vote for Obama  and his string of fellow commies, his appointees like Jarrett, Van Jones, Sustein, Kagan, Holder, Clinton, etc. we will suffer the same fate as Russia, Vietnam, Cuba, China, etc.  because freedom isn’t free.

“…it’s better to die free, than to go back to Cuba and live in prison.”  Alex’s dad

Is Obama a Communist?

Escape from Cuba

The Boat

Storm at Sea


Voting Advice