Democrats get offended when you refer to them as ‘un-American’— but then again, democrats  are offended by facts in general. They’re so offended by ‘History’ that they re-write or omit it.  They’re offended by Christians, Fox News, Walmart & God. They’re offended by the Bible, prayer, capitalism, and borders.

They are offended by tradition, budgets, our military and individual responsibility… the list is actually quite long, but you get the point.

But here in the real world, where ‘the tether to reality’ is still in tact—-the democrat party IS un-American—and all you have to do is look at their ‘supporters abroad’ and their ‘actions at home.’

The Democrat party’s presidential candidate, “Barack Hussein Obama” (aka Captain Destruct-O) has been endorsed by assorted communists and dictators from around the globe, including the Castros of Cuba, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin.

 Even Bill Clinton never secured the Communist vote.

No one with ‘two brain cells’ to rub together could possibly believe that these dictators support Obama because they love America and are concerned for our well-being.

And I challenge anyone to find bigger fans of  Obama’s EPA than Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.

What color Obama-Phone would you like? (para inglés marque dos)

We know Democrats stand in defiance of the teachings of history, but it’s their blatant ignoring of the current economic events in Europe that is mind-blowing…

And it’s NOT just the democrats inability to provide a single “Exhibit A” wherein government EVER created economic prosperity… not at all—it’s that the democrats voluntarily ignore specific history lesson after specific history lesson that proves the contrary.

 ‘Ignore’ is the root of ‘ignorant’.

 Seemingly ‘determined to follow Greece’ down the economic toilet, our debt & deficit under the Democrat rule have EXPLODED.  A child born ‘today’ already owes over $50,000…before it takes a single breath.

And they want to spend more?

Since ‘Captain Destruct-O’ took office

  1. Gas prices up 107%
  2. Groceries up 20%
  3. Food Stamp participation up 65%
  4. Welfare up 32%
  5. Health Insurance premiums up over $2500 per family
  6. Household Income DOWN over $4000

HISTORY CORRECTION: The democrat’s most reasonable argument — that “Obama inherited all of this mess from Bush”— is probably the most widely believed ‘lie’ in modern history.

Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Government 101 KNOWS that since January 2007 (following the 2006 Elections) the democrats have been in control of ‘the federal government’s pocketbook’with at minimum ‘blocking’ power’—and for two years they even held a SUPER MAJORITY…the Royal Flush of political power.

But most importantly, when the democrats took over in 2007, they inherited a 4.6%

unemployment rate from the republicans.

But during the last two years of the Bush administration, the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and a rabid media, were so consumed with BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), their primary goal was NOT to serve the country, but to make Bush look bad. As a result, they fought, and blocked every reasonable attempt by Bush to help the economy.

More specifically, it was the democrats (Dodd & Frank) that protected Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  And it was the Democrats that blocked us from using our own resources when oil jumped to $150 per barrel.

Anyway—fast-forward back to now.  (((Poof)))

Under Obama, our bad economy has become catastrophic—yet rather than answer any questions— this ‘most transparent administration in history’ obfuscates with total nonsense.

Even the British Press is amazed at how ‘crude’ the Democrat Party has become…


In one Obama ad, children are ‘manipulated’ into singing how Romney will let people ‘just die, ‘kill polar bears, and fill the seas with oil.


In another ad, some ‘less-than-attractive’ tattooed ‘female-of-sorts’ compares voting for Obama to having sex with Obama..or something.  And in yet another… women are encouraged to ‘vote with their lady parts.’


The Democrats always talk about how Republicans will take ‘this’ away and Republicans will ‘take’ that away—but its the Democrats that actually take stuff—- like bibles, happy meals, large drinks, jobs, The Ten Commandments, crosses, Christmas in schools…and on and on.  Again, you get the point.


The Democrat party believes contraceptives should be available to all—but the bible should be available to no one.  They boo’d God at the Democrat Convention.  In fact, it was ‘the political left’ that BANNED the most historically significant book in all of mankind ‘the Bible’ from our institutions of learning.


In 2012, we ban books.  Oh, how we have evolved…

Even formerly-respected Colin Powell who recently endorsed Obama could not give ‘one serious reason’ for doing so.  While Mr. Powell’s military service is appreciated—his metamorphosis into ‘just another political hack’ serves no one but Colin.


Final Word: Everything that is numerically measurable has gotten worse under Obama…and not just a little, but considerably so.  Everything we need costs more….  and everything we have is worth less. 


This leaves only two reasons to vote for Obama….you are either an idiot or a racist.