The President of the United States should give Americans direction, support, and hope. He should make us proud to be Americans and remind us constantly of why our country has always been that bright shining city on a hill to the rest of the world. Ronald Reagan did this.  But under Barack Obama, America’s morale has sunk to an all-time low and America’s prestige abroad has bottomed out.  Concerning America’s loss of prestige around the globe, one of the main reasons for the decline is that President Obama spends so much time apologizing for America. He began his presidency apologizing to our enemies and allies alike, and is still doing it.  His infamous apologies to the Afghan street mobs that were murdering American soldiers were just the worst in a long list of apologies issued by this president.  I am sure there will be more. He disingenuously claimed that his apologies to the Afghan mobs calmed the situation.  That is like calming a bank robber by handing him the money.

Barack Obama has spent his time in office conveying the message to friends and foes around the world that America is a flawed nation deserving of their scorn—a nation that should bow to their superior morality and ask their forgiveness.  The number of people Barack Obama has apologized to for America’s supposed shortcomings is now in the billions and includes the Middle East as well as Central and South America.  It also includes Europe.  That’s right Europe.  The same Europe America rescued from the Kaiser in World War I.  The same Europe America rescued from the Nazis in World War II.  The same Europe America rebuilt with the Marshall Plan, and the same Europe America protected from communism throughout the cold war.

After the burning Koran incident, it was disturbing to say the least to watch an American president pathetically apologize to Afghan mobs that—even as he spoke—were killing American soldiers who were not allowed to defend themselves.  But then why should anyone have been surprised by the president’s apology to the Afghans or to anyone else?  The one thing he has been consistent at doing for three years is making unwarranted apologies.  Here are just a few of the low moments America has suffered at the hands of this president:

  • In April 2009 President Obama apologized to France saying that “America has shown arrogance…”  It apparently slipped the president’s mind that France wrote the book on arrogance.  The president also overlooked a few events in the history we share with France.  Were we being arrogant when we landed in Normandy on D-Day?  Were we being arrogant when we liberated Paris?  Were we being arrogant when we gave France back to the French after expelling the Nazis?  Were we being arrogant when we contained communism during the cold war, keeping France and the rest of Europe from falling under Soviet domination?
  • In January 2009 President Obama apologized to the Muslim world claiming, “We have not been perfect…” He made this statement to nations that aid and abet terrorist groups—groups that define success as effectively attacking America and killing innocent, unarmed civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.
  • In April 2009 President Obama apologized to the Turkish Parliament for “Our own darker periods in our history.” Apparently President Obama is a poor student of history or he would have known that some of the darkest days in world history were perpetrated by the Turks.  During World War I, the Turks decided to eliminate an entire race of people: Christian Armenians.  Although the Turks are Muslim, their horrific attacks on Armenian Christians were driven more by a desire for ethnic cleansing than religion.  In the process of “cleansing” their country of the last vestige of Armenian influence, the Turks savagely murdered, raped, tortured, and exiled the defenseless Christians without mercy.

The list of President Obama’s misplaced apologies could go on for pages.  Suffice it to say that Barack Obama came into office apologizing to people and nations who deserved no apology, and is likely to continue apologizing as long as he is in office.  Since he obviously enjoys making apologies, I suggest there is one additional apology he should make: President Obama should stand up before the American people and apologize for what he has done to our country.

In the process he might apologize for: 1) running up a national debt so large that the great grandchildren of today’s adults will still be shackled with it, 2) putting America on the path to socialism, 3) contributing to the rise of the entitlement mentality and the decline of the work ethic, 4) undermining America’s prestige in every corner of the globe, and 5) cutting our military to the point that America is rapidly becoming less secure than at any time in our nation’s history. This is just a short list of the things President Obama should apologize to America for, but never will.  Readers are encouraged to add their own entries to the list.