For those of you who are regular readers of my articles, you know I am a believer in the idea of “political theatre.” This essentially means that everything we witness concerning politics is pure make believe designed to placate particular audiences. This is just as true for the Republican Party as it is for the Democrat Party. In fact; to doubt the collaboration of these two parties in bringing about the downfall of this nation, is just foolish. The Republicans that were overwhelmingly voted in to stop Obama’s agenda have stopped absolutely nothing, and have capitulated to everything he wants. This is very alarming assuming that gun control will soon make its way back into the halls of Congress. We seem to be trapped in a perpetual cycle of one party ruining everything and another one stepping into save the day. That is the way it is designed I’m afraid, and we are currently witnessing the same game being played with Ted Cruz as he appears for all practical purposes, to say exactly the right things, at exactly the right time.

Many people have come to believe that Barack Obama was groomed for the presidency. He was able to sway the audiences with exactly what they wanted to hear, convincing them that a better world awaited right around the corner from his election. Many are still waiting for this better world incidentally. Ted Cruz appears to be doing the same thing. He speaks the language of the constitutional conservative perfectly and has many convinced he is the real deal. In many ways, Ted Cruz is almost too good to be true, and when things seem to be too good to be true it’s because they usually are. Ted Cruz is not who he appears to be by any means, and the closer we look at him it seems he truly is pulling the wool over our eyes.

Ted Cruz gave an outstanding speech on the floor of the Senate, gallantly opposing the nomination of Loretta Holder, whoops I mean Lynch. Anybody watching that speech would have been convinced through and through that Ted was a believer in the founding principles of this nation and an ardent supporter of liberty. There is only one problem; he didn’t show up to vote against her. He then had the nerve to claim that not showing up for the vote was the same as not voting for her. This is ridiculous because an absence vote is simply an absent vote. This is compelling evidence that supports the idea that everything we witness is nothing but a show for the masses. Secondly, Ted Cruz’s wife is a big time Goldman Sachs executive who has an extensive interest in free trade. Maybe this is why Ted Cruz is supportive of the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, and seemingly eager to vote President Obama fast track authority over it. Ted Cruz, along with Paul Ryan wrote an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal showing support for this sovereignty usurping treaty. This is a treaty that will do nothing but further the destruction of the American economy, putting more of our people out of work; and this man that has you convinced he is a conservative, is all for it. Finally there remains the issue of his eligibility; this however, will be discussed in greater detail later. Let’s not forget that his wife was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; a group of global elites mind you, that would have a huge interest in the TPP treaty.

My writing partner, Dr. Fred Deruvo, has written an excellent series on the emerging Technocracy in the United States. What this essentially means is that we are being governed by science and humanism as opposed to Gods natural law. It is the practical application of imposing communism on a society, and in this writers opinion, it is being applied in the political process through the social sciences. The people behind the scenes have mastered the arts of human manipulation and are experts in human behavior. They know how to get people to follow along and how to work towards changing societies beliefs on a collective level. It would be hard to argue that this is not occurring. This is what was meant when Obama promised fundamental transformation. The goal is to keep pushing the narrative to the left, to keep people second guessing themselves and to place as leaders, those who can instill change. Ted Cruz is a social change agent and is working to get you to accept the terms of the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, which if implemented, will have far greater consequences than NAFTA. (North American Free Trade Agreement) This is why everything that he says seems so perfect. This is why he appears to be the candidate that can restore conservatism and the republic. The globalist don’t care if he wins the presidency because he will support the implementation of the trade treaty, and because he has many of us fooled, he will likely be able to do it without much resistance. Many people, because they admire him so, will be willing to over look the small details that should be alarming us all. That’s the goal, to simply get us to go along without a fight, and unfortunately many so called conservatives will fall for the trap much the same way liberals fell for Obama.

This same strategy is being applied to his eligibility issue. The Constitution clearly states that a presidential candidate must be a natural born citizen. This is a difficult subject because his mother was a U.S. citizen while his father was born in Cuba. Cruz himself was born in Canada and allegedly held Canadian citizenship for some time. The question is whether or not his Canadian birth to a U.S. citizen makes him a natural born citizen. Initial inquiry would likely lead one to conclude that he is ineligible because he was not born on U.S. soil. It is however; difficult to say. The fact that we are even talking about it opens the door for more people to accept the idea of someone being born outside the continental United States, running for president. Again, this is the goal of the global elite. Whether he is eligible or not, if you accept the fact that he was born in Canada because he talks a cool conservative game, you can brought to accept the next candidate that has less than deeming qualifications; if he says what you want to hear. It’s all political theatre designed to get you to accept what they want to do to you, and we fall for it every time.