S.H. Blannelberry writing in Guns.com argues against banning high capacity magazines by saying that it’s all about timing:

Timing. It’s all about timing. The longer it takes a deranged gunman to fire off rounds at a crowd of innocents, the better. The more potential there are for delays, the more potential there is for someone to interdict, the more potential there is for children to escape. The bottom line: large capacity magazines make it easier for deranged gunmen to kill.

I don’t disagree with that logic. In fact, I think it is spot on.

But as every gun owner knows, there’s another side to this equation. That is to say, by the same logic one employs to argue for a ban, one can use to argue against the ban — with equal, if not greater, efficacy.

Again, it’s a matter of timing. For example, the longer it takes for a single mother of two to fire off rounds at several home intruders, the worse it is for that mother.

Let’s think about this for a moment. It’s late at night. It’s dark. Three career criminals are breaking into the home of a single mother. She has a full size 9mm handgun with a 10 round magazine (or if she lives in New York, with a 10 round magazine that only contains seven rounds, as it’s against the law to put 10 rounds in a 10 round magazine in the Empire State under the NY SAFE Act) instead of what would be the standard 19-round magazine.

She fires off a few rounds to scare off the intruders. They don’t back down. They continue their pursuit inside her home. She fires in their general direction until the magazine is empty. She hits one, but misses the others. She goes to reload, but her hands are shaking. She’s panicking. She fumbles the other magazine and loses it on the dark floor.

What happens now?

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