The definition of arrogation is to take or claim for oneself without right. It’s a good one-word description for this horrific government straight out of America’s worst nightmare. This is a government that is arrogating to itself powers from other bodies of government, from states and from individuals. We are watching as a massive and ballooning bureaucracy casts aside the pretense that it serves the people, not the State. Instead it acts as an enforcement and indoctrination mechanism for the totalitarians sitting in office in Washington and elsewhere, treating Americans with open contempt. If you are feeling suffocated by regulations and bereft of power, all I can say is “welcome to socialism.”
Here is no doubt only a tiny sampling of ways in which this regime is arrogating power at the expense of our democracy:
1) The IRS has arrogated powers to access personal health records. As the enforcer for Obamacare, it probably will soon have that power. In April 2012 IRS agents used a warrant for other items to seize computer hard drives holding medical records for an estimated 10 million Americans. The information was turned over to the IRS agents under duress and remains with the IRS.
2) The IRS arrogated the power to determine who can engage in political advocacy, deliberately harassing and impeding the operation of grassroots conservative organizations by withholding tax-free status. Their actions prevented the administration’s political opponents from organizing and harassed those engaged in such work in the run-up to the 2012 elections.
3) The Justice Department arrogated power to regulate Mexico’s border and violate Mexican law by selling weapons to known agents of the drug cartels in an operation they did not discuss with the Mexican government. The secrecy was likely intended to obscure the USG’s role creating mayhem so it could use the ensuing “crisis” of gun violence to push for more gun controls. Indeed, the guns have been used to numerous Mexicans and at least one American, US Border Agent Brian Terry, but we know who is responsible and it isn’t the gun-sellers. Eric Holder and key subordinates lied under oath about the facts of the case, which Holder as usual denied knowing about.
4) Eric Holder personally signed off on a request for judicial authorization to wiretap and otherwise surveill Fox News reporter James Rosen. They had to shop the request around to find a judge willing to collude with them and provided a bogus statement of Rosen’s suspected criminality in order to get a green light. The DOJ also ran snooping programs on AP reporters because of an allegedly massive risk to America that required such action. In the process of snooping for that alleged security risk, can we doubt that they culled much other useful information to which they had no right? The DOJ arrogated to itself the right to suspend First Amendment protections for the greater good.
5) Kathleen Sibelius has broken all kinds of laws since she came to national office. She engaged in overt political campaigning in the 2012 election, which she cannot do as a USG official. Then she started twisting arms in the insurance industry to get them to pay for Obamacare propaganda, something Congress refused to fund. She is one of the worst arrogators in the Obama stable. To counter a number of states’ refusal to set up health exchanges, HHS is violating the very law this monstrosity is based on by arrogating to federally-operated exchanges the right to grant tax credits to individuals and businesses. By law those credits can only be granted by state-run exchanges. So Sibelius is also assuming the power of the purse.
6) EPA operates as the governmental extension of the Sierra Club, arrogating to itself powers relating to every aspect of our lives, from how much water our toilets flush to whether a homeowner can develop his own property or what light bulb we use. Most of EPA’s mushrooming regulations have the effect of impeding freedom of one kind or another. EPA uses its rule-making powers arrogantly and with greater concern for wildlife than for the Americans dispossessed or disadvantaged by its unchallengeable authority.
7) Obama’s machine is using leftover millions from his last campaign to fund a political apparat in the country that will answer to the Democrat Party. The object of this organization is to stifle and harass the opposition, act as the DNC’s eyes and ears, and carry out instructions – all the way down to the neighborhood level. This must be illegal, and many have discussed that issue, but is there a legal challenge underway against this arrogation of the power of the Federal Elections Commission to interpret election finance law?
8) The NLRB has for six months defied a court ruling that the Board should cease issuing rulings or investigating targets of complaints because it is an illegal body, lacking a lawful number of members. The controversial members were chosen during a brief hiatus in Congress, during which time the president of the United States arrogated the power of Congress to declare itself in recess. The Wall Street Journal reports that NLRB has flippantly argued that it need not follow the D.C. Court’s ruling because the Supreme Court hasn’t weighed in. The NLRB didn’t even bother to ask for (much less obtain) a stay of the D.C. Circuit Court’s ruling. Instead, as Cablevision notes, it “arrogated to itself the power to decide when an Article III court’s ruling shall take effect, seeking to shift onto private parties the burden of proving such harm.”
No point in going on, and I could. Abuses of power flourish in a moral vacuum and the example is always set from the top. Our Esteemed Leader doesn’t recognize limits to his power – hasn’t he more than once declared a desire to rule without reference to Congress or the judiciary? And then evaded Congress and arrogated to himself that body’s powers? See NLRB above for views on judiciary. His attitude toward democracy and civil rights is cavalier at best. Is it then any surprise that his minions, too, think they owe no explanations for their criminal behavior? In the end, the powers the socialist regime is arrogating to itself are taken not from some official body, but from the American people.
If we don’t take steps soon to rectify these systemic abuses of power, we may find that any avenue to recover our rights has been blocked by more bureaucracy. I wish more Americans understood the peril they are in.