In the climactic scene of the movie To Kill A Mockingbird, small town Southern white lawyer Atticus Finch stands up to a white lynch mob.  The mob wants to murder an accused black man.  He stares down the mob and they leave.  Generations of readers and movie watchers admired Atticus Finch because he risked his life to do the right thing.  The right thing was to protect the accused man so that he could be judged by the law, based on facts, not by a mob, based on emotion.

Not so today.  Before and after the George Zimmerman verdict of not guilty, the liberal main stream media was intent on two things:

  1. finding Mr. Zimmerman guilty without a trial, and
  2. inciting mob violence.

CNN referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” and broadcast all of Zimmerman’s personal information, including his social security number, address, and telephone number.  Why would they do that, if not to aid and abet anyone, or any mob, who wanted to lynch or do violence to Mr. Zimmerman?  They don’t publish the addresses of other accused people.

Where were the voices of calm and reason?  Where were the main stream media people with the moral courage to do the right thing?  The courage to stand up to the main stream media lynch mob out for blood?  Where were the Atticus Finchs of the media?

Thanks be to God, we do have two brave men in today’s media.

The Atticus Finch Courage Award, for standing up to a media mob, goes to two journalists:

  1. Jeffrey T. Kuhner of the Washington Times for his July 12 commentary The media lynching of George Zimmerman.
  2. John Nolte of for his July 13 piece Guilty until proven innocent: How the press prosecuted Zimmerman while stoking racial tensions.

Mr. Kuhner points out how the entire mainstream media narrative is based on lies.  Mr. Martin was not “profiled” for his race.  The residents of that neighborhood were both black and white.  Mr. Martin was seen walking in and out of people’s back yards, at night.  There had been a string of burglaries and other crimes in that neighborhood, so this looked suspicious. Those are the facts.  Mr. Kuhner earns the Atticus Finch Courage Award (MSM Division) for his moral courage in pointing out the media lies and the media mob incitement to violence.

Mr. Nolte lists an entire time line of 13 instances where the media incited racial tensions by referring to Mr. Zimmerman as “white,” claiming that the shooting was based on racial profiling, and editing the facts.  In one instance NBC News edited the 911 call to make Zimmerman look racist.  If anyone had done this in a court of law it would be called fabricating evidence and obstruction of justice. Mr. Nolte earns the Atticus Finch Courage Award (New Media Division) for documenting this string of biased reporting incidents.

Atticus Finch helped teach several generations of Americans that pre-judging (prejudice) someone based on the color of their skin was wrong.  Atticus also taught us that mob violence was wrong.

During the civil rights era of the 1960s, the liberals also said that prejudice and mob violence was wrong.  The hypocrisy here is that liberals have betrayed their own ideals by going over to the dark side: political correctness.  The new pre-judging is that black is right, white is wrong, regardless of the facts.  What happened to Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideal of judging individuals by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin?

The tragedy here is that those ideals are now reversed, just like in George Orwell’s prophetic novel of totalitarianism 1984.  In that novel, the principle of doublespeak meant that the ruling elite could change the meaning of words and principles anytime it suited them.  Up is down, war is peace, ran some of the slogans.  Big Brother oppresses you, but you are supposed to love Big Brother anyway.

So, in today’s doublespeak world of the ruling elite of progressives, liberals, Democrats and leftists, mob violence is right if the mob has the politically correct skin color.  Pre-judging someone’s guilt or innocence is right if the accused has the politically incorrect skin color.  And if the accused’s skin color is brown, we of the almighty, always morally right media will change his skin color (doublespeak style) to white.  Don’t believe your own eyes!  He’s white if we say he’s white.

Jesus weeps.  Dr. Martin Luther King weeps. And if he were a real person, Atticus Finch would weep too.

Michael McCarthy is the author of the prophetic political thriller The Noah Option, available in paperback at  and on Kindle at Amazon. Michael is also associate producer and occasional guest interviewer for the conservative talk show The Don Smith Show  airing Saturdays at 12 noon over the internet.