It is Easter Sunday morning. On a day such as this it would be normal to think about religion and the religious experience. Religion is quite unique. For while being an intimately personal part of our psyche, it has a hugely public face. I think that any religion deserves forbearance and respect. You may not believe, but others do. That is their right and privilege. If you cannot deal in respect with this, that belittles you.

Somehow among the chattering ninny class (my new name for liberals) it has become cool and chic to insult religion. Not every religion you understand. It is open season on Christianity. It is especially fun for fools to insult the Pope or fundamentalists.

There are, however, two religions that, no matter how big a fool one may be, are exempt from insult. The first, of course, is Islam. This is not due to respect. Although the ninny class would have you believe that it is. It is from abject fear. You see the ninny class are basically cowards. That is why they spend so much time together reinforcing their saddest beliefs. They have seen and read about those that have offered the least insult to Islam or their Prophet and been tracked down by ugly people with uglier knives and swords and left in a pool of blood. That would totally spoil the next wine and cheese. Or is that whine.

What other religion do they not insult, you ask? That would be the religion of atheism. That is the new State sponsored religion. Of course, since the State can’t sponsor a religion, atheism should be unconstitutional. But, you say, atheism is the absence of religion. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps we need to examine what atheism is a little more deeply.

In it’s most basic terms, a religion describes the relationship between God and humanity. If atheism believes that there is no God (I wonder how many are firmly convinced) that describes a relationship with what they would consider a non-entity. While they may not worship as others do, it describes a set of beliefs regarding a supreme being. Therefore atheism is a religion.

Furthermore, at one point in time there was nothing. Then a split instant later there was something. I do not care whether you subscribe to the Biblical version or the scientific version, there was a “creation”. That is undeniable. “Big Bang” or “The Seven Days of Creation”. Something rather important happened. So even if a person does not believe in the God of Creation, they must believe in the Force of the Universe. One must accept that there is a greater power regardless of what you call it. Again, if atheism doesn’t believe in a “Living God”, they have to then accept the forces as described by science. I repeat, atheism is a relationship between humanity and the “Forces of Creation”. That, in my estimation, makes it a religion.

So where does this exercise in logic lead us. Every time the ACLU petitions the Justice Department, and the Justice Department attacks a cross, a nativity scene, or the Ten Commandments they are supporting a State sponsored religion. This would be an unconstitutional act. I will admit that this may not be the strongest logical argument ever set forth. It is at least as strong as the argument that found the right to abortion in the Constitution. Who knew, those that espouse atheism are actually religious.