When I think about Iran, I picture a Black Widow spider sitting in the center of her web. Her eight legs sensitive to the vibrations that tell her another victim has fallen into her trap. Then racing to wrap that victim up in her silk for later consumption. These days, I think about Iran often. To have any understanding of the Mideast one must try to understand Iran.

Most ethnic Iranians think of themselves as Persians. They are not Arabs. They hold Arabs in disdain. The Persian civilization is one of the oldest continuous civilizations on Earth. This is a huge source of pride for those that can claim pure Persian blood. They have a warrior history with names like Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes. They were once the center of science, mathematics, and the arts. They are a prideful people and have made themselves the power center of the Mideast.

While they have fomented difficulties of different types throughout the Mideast, they have not done battle themselves since the Iran – Iraq War. Both Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Khomeini vied for power. One Shia, one Sunni. The war was inevitable and though there was no winner, Iran, once again, was a survivor.

Iran has an advantage that my Black Widow does not have. Iran can and does reach out beyond the edge of their web and place well trained and dedicated agents provocateur in place all through the internal organizations of Arab and other ethnic allies throughout, not only the Mideast, but the world. From the Pakistani ISI, Hamas, and Hezbollah, to the government of Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Iran is reaching out and touching someone with training, technology, and arms.

Their first goal, of course, is to go nuclear and drive Israel from the area if not destroy Israel outright. Their next goal becomes a little unclear as they are not totally united in these goals as far as I can see. There are many that wish to return to the Caliphate and unify the Mideast under Iranian, Shia, rule. There are others that believe very strongly in the coming of the Mahdi, the hidden Imam. They believe for the Mahdi to return and bring peace to the world under Muslim law chaos must first cover the world. All out war must encircle the globe and then the Mahdi can come and deliver a worldwide Caliphate under Iran.

These are very scary people as they have no bounds as to what they may do to attain their wishes. With nuclear bombs and long range missiles they are a danger to every civilized country.

A dedicated Muslim, I forget who, famously said, “what makes us stronger is that while you fear death, we love death”. Take an attitude like that and a desire for a Caliphate under the Mahdi and you have a serious threat to world peace. Add to that, there are some Sumas in the Koran that will make your hair curl. I suggest that any non-Muslim make themselves familiar, at least on a cursory basis with the Koran. While our leaders talk of a religion of peace, there is writing that is far from peaceful. Those that are of a mindset to accept those parts of the Koran can use them to justify any action they wish to take. And yes, I know that there are similar things in the Old Testament of the Bible. I also know that after the birth of Christ, most no longer accept the old fire and brimstone parts.

The world must take the threat of Iranian hegemony seriously. They are using their Arab neighbors as their tools for any dirty work. But they, like the Black Widow, sit in the middle of the web pulling strings and waiting.