It’s that time of the year again when Christians all across the
world set aside a time to reflect on the greatest miracle the
world has ever witnessed.  Detractors, disbelievers, agnostics
and those hostile to the faith, who can’t conceive of the miracle
of Christ Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, very often, possibly
unconscious of the thought, hope for a miracle in their own life.
If any cannot believe in a miracle, why would they even consider
the possibility of one coming their way?  But who would provide
that miracle?  An enigma, eh?

The fact is, Christ Jesus was crucified and died on a Roman
cross; an inelegant and painful way to die.  Today we would call
it torture; and it was.  Why did it happen?  The answer is open
to anyone who can take the time to read God’s Word – the whole
plan begins in the front of the book, but the most amazing
account is recorded in the Gospel of Christ according to John,
one of His closest Apostles.  This was all according to prophecy
and is recorded in so many places in the Old Testament: Genesis,
Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, etc., all leading up to God’s
plan for the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the world.  When
a person breaks the law, a penalty is usually the price to pay.
Mankind has broken God’s laws constantly and in “the old days,”
sacrifices were made regularly by God’s chosen people, the Jews,
to atone for their sins.  God accepted those; but they were
continuing and were never enough to atone for all the
transgressions on-going.  So God’s plan, settled between Him, His
Holy Spirit and His Son, Jesus, was that Jesus would come to
earth as a human, being born of a Virgin – according to prophecy
– to walk in the shoes of ordinary humans and, ultimately, die a
sinless life to atone, once and for all, the sins of the entire
world.  Only His sinless death and His spilled blood could
satisfy the sacrifice (penalty) for sin.  And He did it for us.

There are some very dark areas in the world where people still
make sacrifices to unknown, lifeless wood, stone and self-produced
false gods to satisfy their desire for mercy and forgiveness for
what they perceive as wrongs they have committed or to appease an
angry, unknown god.  They know there is a Higher Power, but they
haven’t met Him yet, as none has been sent to introduce them to
Him.  The holy blood of Christ satisfied that need two thousand
years ago and after He made that sacrifice, the Bible (and other
sectarian histories) again records that He arose from the dead,
walked among hundreds of people for several days and was then
observed leaving this earth to return to His Father, God, in
Heaven.  That’s what Resurrection Day is all about.  We no longer
need pay any penalty for sins: He paid it all – why?  because He
loves us so much.  He has already forgiven us and desires that we
join His family.  You can meet Him.  A simple prayer to God,
Almighty, inviting His presence in your life will give you
precious, new life.  He lives!