Well, I’m not against extending unemployment benefits.  I’m against extending them for 13 months to now three years.  See, I happen to believe that the longer people are paid not to work, the longer they won’t work, and the longer people are out of work the more unskilled they become, more out of practice they become.  I happen to believe that there is dignity in work.  I think a lot of men derive their self-worth and their identity from their work and from their job, and I think the Democrat Party wants as many people out of work as possible so that they will depend on the Democrat Party for what little they get. The Democrats don’t care about you.  The Democrats care about your vote.  I think it’s robbing people of their dignity.  I think it’s destroying people’s lives.  And it’s your fellow citizens paying you not to work, it’s not the government, it’s not some nameless state official, it’s the taxes of your fellow citizens being paid for this.

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