By James Riley

Not talk. Not News. Good old fashioned STORY.

At the turn of the 20th century, public school students in New Hampshire learned about the heroic adventures of a man named John Stark, who rose to become a hero in the Revolutionary War. Stark was legendary in every sense of the term, and so were the stories public school students learned about him. He was compassionate, willing to sacrifice himself for his brothers. He was brave, so brave he took a stick to the first brave he faced running down a gauntlet of 40 Huron braves as a captive. He was a strategic warrior, taking his troops to guard the north side of Breed’s Hill, without waiting for orders. He was an individualist, willing even to defy the Continental Congress at one point. He was a poet. At one heated moment, during a pitched battle, he was heard to have said “we will take that hill tonight or Molly Stark will be a widow tomorrow.”

These weren’t dialogues on talk radio or political fund raising events or conservative panels on Fox News. They were stories. Stories. Heroic, legendary, entertaining stories of triumph. It was the stuff of America — the very fabric of our souls, the way we were once woven.

By and large, conservatives don’t trust story anymore. We spend our time talking politics — as we should, but we ignore the powerful tide of drama and comedy, packaged on network television, and lavishly dished out in theaters. While we’re out organizing tea parties, secular liberals are defining the culture by telling powerfully entertaining stories that slip in just enough of their message to make that image of heroic individualism seem, well, silly.

At Courage, New Hampshire, we want to tell an exciting story. To be certain, it’s full of conflict, villainy, romance, and political intrigue, but it’s also about a bold fight against corruption and tyranny. It doesn’t make any mistakes about who was right, and who was wrong, in those crucial years leading to 1775. It also tells a story about a people who held together because they had a common culture and a common faith in the Almighty.

Is that worth $1.95 of your time?

Take a look and see: