George Whitefield (1714-1770), famous English Christian pastor and
evangelist, was well aware of the animosity of the public toward
Christians. This is not a new phenomenon. He wrote:

“They that will be godly, must suffer persecution; so it was in
Christ’s time, and so it was in the apostles time, too. For our Lord
came not to send peace, but a sword. Our relations would not have us
sit in the scorner’s chair; they would not have us be prodigals,
consuming our substance upon harlots; neither would they have us rakes
(a dissolute, loose in morals, or conduct person, or libertines); but
they would have us be contented with an almost Christianity. To keep
up our reputation by going to church, and adhering to the outward
forms of religion, saying our prayers, reading the word of God, and
taking the sacraments; this, they imagine, is all that is necessary
for to be Christians indeed; and when we go one step further than
this, their mouths are open against us.”

It is a recognized fact that the earliest universities and hospitals
in this country were founded by Christians and Jews – Godly people who
followed God’s command to help the sick, the poor and the orphans. He
who rails against the believers, rails against the institutions that
are always there for him. One was heard recently to comment, “Get rid
of the churches; just give me a hospital.” Ah, yes…

Is there a reason for the hatred for Christians and the Christian
Church? Yes, and it is as old as history itself. Jesus Christ said,
the world will hate you, because it hates me. And here is the reason:
“I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”
(John 15:19). (But) “I am come that they may have life, and that they
may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10)

So much of the modern legal system of rewards and punishments is based
on crimes and misbehavior as outlined in the Bible. A crime is
committed – a penalty is stipulated. In other words, justice is
served and certain restitution is prescribed. Without this equation
there would be utter chaos. It is worth noting that Biblical
principles apply here, also. 1 Timothy 1:9: “…the law is not made
for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient…” In
cursing the law, we quite often curse God, the one great Judge.

So while there are real terrorists throughout the world whose only aim
is to destroy everything good and replace it with poverty, tyranny,
cruelty, savagery and destruction, there are more Christian
“terrorists” bent on improving the lives of the poor, the homeless,
the orphans, the young mothers, education of both sexes and doctors
giving their time to medical missions in the darkest places of the
earth. When hurricanes hit and tornados ravage the countryside, it is
not only the Red Cross, but Christian organizations such as
Samaritan’s Purse, World Vision, the Salvation Army and churches and
church food pantries that are on the front lines from day one for any
and all who are in need. As the old song, Dreamer’s Holiday, says,
“you don’t need a reservation.” Show me a third world religion that
can begin to match the loving and forever relationship that the one
true God desires of all of us. Jesus, the Son of God, became the
Passover Lamb, sacrificing his life to pay our penalties for sin and
save us from eternal damnation. Why??? Because He loves us!
Isn’t it strange? The world hates us, because God loves us?