Soon, hopefully, it would be nice to be on to Phase Two of the conservative revolution, which is about the social problems caused by liberalism (divorce, addiction, broken homes, STDs, gay marriage, atheistic mainstream institutions, rampant abortions, etc.). And my book The Plague Of Liberalism spells out how liberals are the cause of these problems. It also spells out what the solutions to the problems are.

It has been said that Republicans should stay away from the social issues, and that they would lose votes if they emphasized them. But given that 100% of eligible voters don’t vote, it might also attract voters. I say that because there is a lot more passion about the social issues than the economy. And this disjointed reality of blacks and Hispanics voting overwhelmingly for democrats can only be solved I think by appealing to their traditionally religious side, making them realize that they are continually voting for the party that puts and keeps “sin” in place in our country.

It’s hard to believe that a religious person would vote for a democrat if they really knew what they were voting for. Maybe they just have a knee jerk reaction to vote democrat based on that tradition in their community. But that also was the case with southern democrats, Italian democrats, Irish democrats decades ago. But they since have moved in droves to voting Republican.

Therefore, if the fact that the democrats vote against what is in the Bible were to be presented to blacks and Hispanics and they would do some soul searching, many of them would come to the conclusion, “No, I don’t want to support the party that supports sin!” If that voting shift were to happen, the democrats could be voted out of existence, as well it should be, based on how it has dragged this nation into both social and economic dysfunction.

But while Phase Two is going on, the Republicans will need to show that they can solve the economic problems of this country. Then they will have an even greater platform for being able to make the case for solving the social problems.