It should be immediately obvious to even the most casual observer, that America’s Constitutional Republic has been in the can for over fifty years. Glib talking politicians from FDR to LBJ, and now Obama, appealing to the natural tendency of American’s to want to help others, have been led by the nose into voluntarily giving up the very constitutional safeguards afforded us by our founders over two hundred years ago. It was Benjamin Franklin who answered the question: “What type of government have you given us? with the answer: “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it.”  Not only have we not kept it, we have actually sold it.


All countries of the world, and America is no exception, have their lower social levels that include the poor, lame and halt, and I might add, the lazy. But, America rose above the moral social issue of allowing the helpless to languish in the squalor and filth of the gutter such as we have seen in numerous films from European countries before and after the two wars, as well as films from our own depression era. We saw the need of helping the destitute as a mission of our Christian faith and, as Americans, we gladly supported the concept of freely giving what we could afford, especially at the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.


Through propaganda however, liberalism has codified care-giving into a responsibility of government “so that more people could be helped and enjoy their fair share”, and we bought into it. “Why, It’s our duty to help the less fortunate, isn’t it?” “Now you don’t need Christian Faith any more, we’re here!” While once, our donations to charitable institutional was guided by the “Tithe”, after government’s usurping the task, it has become a hidden tax burden that we have accepted because the politicians have allowed us to have “deductions” and “write offs.”


Politicians baited the trap and we went for it. We didn’t protest it and then we forgot about it until now, we don’t even know we lost it.  Eventually, the poor having been so long in the receiving line have accepted the idea that they should not only receive government help but are entitled to it. Even Obama has criminally lifted government largess to a new level by redefining the “poverty level”, eliminating the work for welfare program and donating vast amounts of tax-payer funds to unions made up of folks who already have jobs.


So where are we after fifty plus years of abandoning our constitutional duties? Well, we have an overwhelming debt and our currency is collapsing. We have a bloated government work force; we have a growing uneducated poverty class demanding more and more “help” from government. We have (had) a productive middle class that are just beginning to realize, more and more, that they are supporting the poverty class without seeing any benefit. We have allowed the creation of an illiterate ‘gansta’ class whose sole means of survival comes from the barrel of a gun and which will soon be swarming out of their urban city slums to ravage what’s left of the rest of us as. Actually, they have already started. And, we will also have diminished food production by the inability of growers to get their products to market because fuel cost will have soared out of sight.


So, I ask again, where are we? Well, we’re certainly not prepared. Financially, many of us are still in debt and in denial. While many have guns to protect themselves, they have no plans to do so. They are cowed by the fear of being labeled homegrown terrorists and conspirators if they do discuss such plans and, in fact, face the real prospect of being imprisoned, much like Russia is still doing to its citizens today. We’ve got to think out of the box and accept that soon our civil society may very well collapse and government will be no where to help. It’s what Obama’s government is waiting for.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. (4 Nov 2012)