Hi, I’m Ann-Marie, columnist for Patriot Update and this is my new video news show, The Patriot Update with Ann-Marie Murrell.

Each week I’ll give you my take on news and events that happen throughout the week. Some of the regular segments I’ll be featuring will be Facebook Friend’s Issues, in which I’ll get input from my Facebook friends about what they believe is the most important news item of the week. Another segment, called Pot, Meet Kettle, will feature some of the (vast) hypocrisy happening in Washington, Hollywood and beyond.

This first episode focuses on the debt ceiling, the non-stop Obama Family vacations and the death of the TSA anti-groping bill in Texas.

If you have any questions or thoughts about what you’d like me to discuss in future segments, let me know by clicking here the link below to go to my Facebook page (you have to click ‘like’). And thank you for watching!