How do you win an election? It’s so simple. Just keep your opposition from voting. The Democrats have grasped this concept and are now running with it. They will work double time to keep conservatives from the polls on November 6th. With the media as a willing and devoted support team they may just pull it off. If you add to the mix just a little voter fraud it could be a slam-dunk. We can’t let this happen.


The next question or challenge for the Democrats is how do they legally keep opponents from the polls?  Again, it’s simple. They must so discourage conservatives that a sizable number of them simply won’t show up to vote. They must convince enough people to stay home, just enough to tip the scales in their favor. Conservatives must be persuaded that Obama is going to win big and their vote won’t count. This is the strategy.


Quite a few of my friends are already saying Obama is going to win. When I ask why they think this they simply say that they “feel it.” In some cases this belief could be enough to keep some away from the polls.


How are Democrats implementing their plan?  Mainly they continue to use the “Big Lie” technique. It is a very useful tool, or weapon if you will, for the Democrats. Their leadership including Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the President himself continue to lie, lie, and lie some more. It appears that in their minds whatever works, whatever wins is appropriate. Whatever advances their cause is ethical. Power is the prize. Winning is everything. There are no rules.


What continues to amaze me is how sincere these powerful Democrats seem when they confidently stare into the cameras and lie. Remember, just a few weeks ago while on the floor of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid said, “The word’s out that he (Romney) hasn’t paid any taxes for ten years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn’t.” Romney called his bluff and released his tax returns. He did pay taxes, millions of dollars of taxes, and he gave away 30% of his income to charities. Ok Harry cough up yours. How much did you make? How much tax did you pay? How much did you give away?


Bernie Goldberg, author of Bias, A Slobbering Love Affair and a regular on the O’Reilly Factor responded to Reid’s unsubstantiated accusations by posting this on his website: “The word is out that Harry Reid got rich by pimping out hos’” Harry Reid wouldn’t reveal his sources so neither would Bernie. Now that’s funny. Learn more about this story at:


The Big Lie does still work with many voters. People will eventually begin to believe a lie regardless of how bizarre it is because they hear it so consistently and from so many authority figures and media sources.


For example, did you know the war on terror is over? Did you know that we ARE better off today than four years ago?  Did you know that the feeling of optimism is on the rise in America? However, one Democratic spokesman did say that many might not believe this last statement. Ummm? I wonder why? Maybe it is because they have lost their job, their house, their dog, are on food stamps, and have given up? How many people do you know who think things are so good?


Let’s be fair though. Things are better in Washington D.C. The D.C. economy is expected to grow 2.7% this year vs. the rest of the country at 2%.  These statistics come from The Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University that released these figures earlier this year.


Oh, and don’t forget the 16,000 Revenue Officers and Agents that will be hired to enforce Obamacare. This should help the unemployment rate drop. On a personal note, I used to be a Revenue Officer. I got assaulted twice, kidnapped, and threatened more than once. It’s a fun job. You ought to apply. They are hiring.


Here is the bottom line. From now until Election Day the media and the hundreds of Democratic minions will bombard us with skewed polling results. This is the big lie in practice.


We will be told that Obama is growing his lead every week. They will tell us over and over again that Romney is falling behind fast. They will claim that the results of the election are just a formality because Obama has already won. So, get over it. Stay home. It’s a brave new world folks. This is what we will be hearing so tune your ears to hear.


Then, they will begin to throw in some hypnotic suggestions. Just this week I heard a liberal try and hypnotize us during a radio interview. He said with so much confidence that things are getting better, that, in fact, everything is better now than before. He claimed that the optimism in the land was rising quickly. Visions of people dancing in the streets flooded my mind. There are people on the street all right but they are not dancing.


Now anyone left with a brain, a dying breed I fear, knows these claims are not true at all. But, you will hear more and more of this propaganda over the next five weeks and too many will believe it.


To be honest the American people scare me far more than the candidates do. When people are willing to sell their souls and their votes for a cell phone we are in deep, deep, trouble. These folks better read the fine print. They will not get an Iphone 5.


As the election draws close, the Democrats will finish their hypnotic induction. They will say, “Don’t vote. Don’t vote. Romney cannot win so don’t bother to vote. Tell your friends it’s over. Obama has already won. The next four years will be great. He is still the One the world has been waiting for!” ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


There is another possible ending to this story. The Democratic base may believe the Big Lie too. It’s in the bag, they think. Obama will win. They may conclude that their vote isn’t really needed and stay home on November 6th. I wonder how the New York Times would report that story?