Thus far this primary season, we conservatives have had to watch the news media and untrustworthy pollsters methodically take apart the most conservative of the candidates and position the more liberal, big-government ones into top positions.

Last November when the Tea Party Republicans gained many seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, it was a breath of fresh air. Once again hope began to blossom in the hearts of those Americans who cherish freedom. All that remained was for voters to select a conservative leader, unseat Barack Obama and restore the Republic.

Then came the debates, followed by the potential elimination of the most conservative candidates, and the crowning of the least conservative by the media and pollsters as “most likely” to be chosen. How did this happen?

How did the selection process end up with the least conservative candidates being presented as the likely winners? What happened to the conservative cries for a simplified tax code, a balanced budget, domestic energy production, border security, a pro-life agenda and a less intrusive federal government?

Have all those desires been discarded and traded in for the best slick talker with an “R” behind the candidate’s name? What’s the point? Are primary voters only willing to select the best talker? Do they want style instead of substance? If that is how it ends up, then we may simply be selecting the lesser of two evils.

Mitt Romney, for example, changes his views depending on the political winds. If he did it in the past, then he will do it again.  Newt Gingrich is a big-government guy. Herman Cain, I believe, doesn’t really want to be President. Based on his accolades of Mr. Romney, Cain probably wants to be chosen as Mr. Romney’s choice for Vice President. But the media, and the polls, have been able to maneuver those three as the leading choices.

How can we trust polls? Some polls have questioned as little as 100 potential voters. I don’t believe they are accurate. The danger is in how the media presents them and that the media’s only purpose in polls is to sway us away from conservative choices.

Of course we don’t have to let the media, Republican Establishment and pollsters tell us what to do. It is still within the power of conservative primary voters to choose a true conservative.

This election really is for the heart and soul of America and even if Mr. Obama is defeated and the new President isn’t a true conservative, then we still will not have won the battle for liberty and freedom. Will we?