What’s the difference between a vote and a gun? Votes kill slower.

That’s a startling thought. However, it is true. Thus, both are a big responsibility.

As a person who legally owns a gun (as opposed to gang bangers who are not interested in obeying the law and doing the right thing and may illegally have a gun) you have the responsibility to keep the gun safely stored and carried. You have the responsibility to handle it properly, practice with it safely (if you practice at all) and remember to leave it locked up at home if you go into certain buildings (post offices, government buildings, etc.; depending on the laws of your state). If you own a gun that you don’t carry with you, like a rifle, shotgun, or the ever-popular AR-15, you have the responsibility to make sure that it is kept in your gun safe at home, or stored in such a way that it cannot be taken if your house is robbed. That’s a big responsibility. It takes a lot of care, thought and planning ahead.

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